My Experience Using MusicBlocks

Introduction I first stumbled upon MusicBlocks when I participated with Sugar Labs in Google Code In 2017/2018. As MusicBlocks was one of the main projects of Sugar Labs (alongside other projects such as the Sugar shell, Sugarizer and Turtle Blocks), I was eager to try the program out. After downloading the MusicBlocks program from the repository,…

Contributing To Open Source (Part I)

  So this is my first blog post then… here goes nothing Prologue I was motivated to write this blog post as firstly, I wanted to chronicle my journeys into a website which I could refer to every now and then and reminisce what I have done and achieved and (more importantly) secondly, to fulfill a…

Contributing To Open Source (Part II)

This blog post is for Google Code In 2016-Blog B: Add an “About Me” page to your blog with details about yourself and FOSSASIA projects you like (FOSSASIA).

Contributing To Open Source (Part III)

This is a task for Google Code In 2016, under Blog E: Interview two contributors to Open Source in a language and region of your choice and document it in a blog on, Youtube or elsewhere. Zenon is first from the left while Samuel is second from the right.

Contributing To Open Source (Part IV)

This blog was written for the Google Code In task 2016 for FOSSASIA – Blog A: Create a blog and write a blog entry about your interests and participation in the FOSSASIA community. In the main picture of the post, you can spot me as the first from the right. (My schoolmates and I had won an award for a hackathon about developing an game using PyGame, an open source software for game programming).

Contributing To Open Source (Part V)

This blog post was written for the Google Code In 2016 FOSSASIA task – Blog J: Post an article or video about your Code-In experience with FOSSASIA. The featured picture for the blog post is a screenshot of the Gitter Channel for FOSSASIA Open Event Web App.