Contributing To Open Source (Part IV)

This blog was written for the Google Code In task 2016 for FOSSASIA – Blog A: Create a blog and write a blog entry about your interests and participation in the FOSSASIA community. In the main picture of the post, you can spot me as the first from the right. (My schoolmates and I had won an award for a hackathon about developing an game using PyGame, an open source software for game programming).

I had decided to write this blog post so that I could have a platform to feature my interests, explain and elaborate on how I feel about joining the FOSSASIA community as well as the projects (mostly virtual and on the Internet) I am interested in contributing along with participating.

I. Interests

Personally, when I reflect about myself, I feel that I have many interests which are spread over a wide range and could be said to be very diverse, however the the interest I currently have which takes top spot on my list and which I devote most of my time towards is programming. Be it manipulating elements in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) or CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to achieve that ‘perfect’ web page, or to learning about the basics of computer science in the C++ algorithm class I am taking as of the moment (such as binary search trees, recursive algorithms and the big-O notation), or even to playing practical pranks on my unaware friends (such as pressing Windows+Alt+Down to invert the screen of the computer) to see their panicked (and flustered) faces, I would most definitely say that programming and the computer has helped to enhance my life in many ways. Through programming, not only have I found an outlet to release all the stress I have accumulated over school and the bustling city life of Singapore (where I live in), I am also able to enhance my learning and knowledge acquired over school, gaining a more in-depth insight into some topics taught (especially in subjects such as Mathematics and Science). Moreover, programming has also gave me an avenue to contribute back to the Open Source community which has given society many much-needed applications to improve daily life, such as helping other Google Code In students on how to install a particular application or solve a particular error or bug in the chat channels.

II. Participating In The FOSSASIA Community

I feel that participating in the FOSSASIA community was a whole new experiencefor me. When I first began and joined the chat channels for the various FOSSASIA projects such as open-event, Loklak and Susi AI, I did not know what to do. The other members were discussing topics and issues such as Heroku deployment, Travis CI (Continuous Integration) and Java errors, most of which I were clueless about. Soon though, I read through the documentations and descriptions on the repositories and through the help of the FOSSASIA team, was able to grasp what the purpose of these repositories were and how they operated on a day-to-day basis. Participating in the FOSSASIA community means a lot to me as many of the members in the community have developed many useful FOSSASIA applications and I wish to give back to the community members ,who have helped me in the past by answering many of my (looking back on it now, trivial) questions, by contributing to the repositories and creating new code and adding even more functionalities to make the FOSSASIA applications even better.

III. Projects I Am Interested In

Looking at all of the main repositories of FOSSASIA (open-event, loklak and Susi AI), I feel that I am interested in all three of them. I personally feel that open-event appeals to me more when it comes to contributing code as most of the code written are in languages that I have some knowledge of such as Python (Django), Javascript (and Javascript Object Notation-JSON), as well as HTML and CSS. However, when it comes to real-life applications, Loklak and Susi AI appeal to me more. Imagine the information one could glean through a trillion tweets scraped by Loklak servers and the ability one would have when these information is harnessed properly, such as being put into an Artificial Intelligence bot?

All in all, I really appreciate Google Code In as well as the FOSSASIA community, and I would like to participate more in the FOSSASIA community in the days to come. The link to FOSSASIA is

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