Contributing To Open Source (Part II)

  This blog post is for Google Code In 2016-Blog B: Add an “About Me” page to your blog with details about yourself and FOSSASIA projects you like (FOSSASIA).

About Me

I am Koh Pi Rong, a student at Dunman High School. Currently (at the time of writing this blog post) I am 14 years old. You can spot me in the featured picture taken the day after the PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examinations) in primary school (I was 12 years old when the photograph was taken).  In the picture, I am 4th from the left (and 2nd from the right),with the shaved head (I was into that at that time). I am in Infocomm Club (as a CCA, which stands for Co-Curricular Activity) and participate in regular events and competitions in information and communications technology.


I was motivated to participate in Google Code In 2016 as I am interested in technology and the various aspects of it, such as documentation, code, quality assurance, user interface and outreach and research (as neatly summed up by the different categories of the tasks in the Google Code In event). In the beginning, even before I joined Infocomm Club and became involved in related activities, I had no knowledge of computing; however during the holidays I took up some courses in Scratch and Python, in the process encouraging me to learn more about what the technology world had to offer.

Upon signing up for Google Code In, the main motivation I had for joining FOSSASIA was the “ASIA” in the name (No kidding). I vaguely remembered that there was a FOSSASIA conference held recently in Science Centre Singapore, and as I lived in Singapore, I felt that I could relate to FOSSASIA and would have a better and more fulfilling experience in the organisation.

I immediately dove into the tasks that FOSSASIA had to offer to students at Google Code In. I read up about FOSSASIA and the conferences FOSSASIA organizes every year, along with the FOSSASIA repositories. I soon found out that there were three main repositories I could contribute to throughout the course of Google Code In 2016 – Open Event, Loklak and Susi. All of them were repositories with easy-to-grasp concepts (event web application generator, big data application using Twitter, and AI respectively). As of the time of writing I have contributed a few pull requests to Open Event and Loklak.


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